Maa Gayatri Construction Company Blog Latest Products Mon, 11 Dec 2023 01:47:29 +0530 en-us Benefits of Property Insurance Wed, 18 Sep 2019 15:49:56 +0530 No one can say what might happen in the next minute. So the best way of protection is to do insurance. There are many types of insurance available. One such type of insurance is Property Insurance. It has the power to secure one’s property and prevent the property against various kinds of risks such as theft, weather damage, or fire.   Types and Advantages of Getting Insurance for a Property   There are many types of insurances that protect one's property. These insurances generally depend on the kind of damage that the property has to be defended. The Property Insurances also come in different types as per the type of risk or damage to the property. Here are some of the different insurances for property safety.    • Fire Insurance: This insurance policy covers the various kinds of damages and losses that are caused due to fire in the property. It helps to secure the cost of repair, reconstruction or replacement of the property.   • Scheduled Personal Property: This kind of insurance policy serves as a supplement policy that extends and increases the coverage of protection beyond the normal or standard protection that is provided by the property owner’s insurance policy. Using this policy, the property owner can get complete coverage for valuable items like jewellery for a claim event.   • Homeowner’s Insurance: This type of insurance on the property covers the different loses that have been caused to the property owner's house or property and the different materials inside or included the property. It also covers any kind of accidents that might happen in the house or property. The Property Insurance Company in Roorkee provides an insurance policy that serves as a package that comes with different policy plans.   • Renter’s Insurance: This insurance policy provides coverage on the insurance holder’s belongings, living expenses, and liabilities in case of any kind of loss event. It is generally available for those people who are renting a single home, duplex or apartment for his or her family or any studio, condo, loft or small town-home. The insurance policy protects against any losses of the tenant's property that falls within the policy holder’s rented property.   • Water Exclusion Cause Insurance Policy: It serves as a kind of restriction inside the renter's and property owner's insurance policy that denies any coverage on water-related insurance claims. It prevents the insurance holder's property from any kind of water-related damage like floods, standing water, groundwater, tsunami or4 sewage problems.   • Insurance on Garage Liability: It is a special kind of insurance policy that is for automotive industries. Parking lots, automobile dealerships, garage operators, service stations, tow-truck operators, and vehicle repair shops generally add this insurance policy in their liability coverage for the business.   Property Insurance Company in Roorkee is always available to all people to benefit them with the protection of their properties in Roorkee. Property Insurance In Roorkee provides special tariff plans for its customers to ensure the perfect protection for their properties against the various kinds of damage caused to them. Property Insurance in Roorkee provides special offers to the customers. Tips To Keep In Mind While Moving Into A Rented Property Wed, 20 Nov 2019 17:22:33 +0530 Moving into a rented property brings excitement, especially when you are starting a new life. This saves money and yet you get a decent stay with facilities. However, when you are looking for property rental, it may come with some challenges. Many things have to keep in mind while looking for a rented property such as price, landlord, location, size of the property, necessities, etc. To make it easier for you, here are some tips to help in choosing a perfect property for yourself.   Choose a Property Dealer or a Website It is not practically possible to visit every area or location to search for a property. Hence, the best options are either contact a property dealer or visit a property website. These websites have all kinds of properties for rent. You can also search with criteria property for rent in Roorkee if you are looking for rented property in Roorkee.    Check the Location When you are looking for a rented property, make up your mind on the locations that you would like to choose. Shortlisting the locations or the area can help you in choosing the property for yourself. You can also check out the neighbourhood if it is friendly and has all the necessities that are accessible easily. You should also check if transportation systems and roads are good.    Check the Price Plan your budget well before time. Planning a budget will help in choosing the property accordingly. Many properties are available in the same area at different prices. This will help you in choosing the ones that are within your budget. You should also be aware of the security deposit money before moving.   Go Through the Lease Agreement The lease agreement is very important for both owners and tenants. This gives both securities because this is a legal agreement that cannot be violated. In case your tenant violates the agreement, you can go to the court for the same. Make sure you have discussed the terms and conditions before the lease are prepared. Do not sign the agreement before you have gone through it thoroughly and agree to the terms.    Maintenance Problems Some landlords claim to provide maintenance of the property but never do it. You should ensure that your landlord is providing the maintenance of the property where you are living. They should be responsible of ensuring that the wall is dry and the plumbing is working well. However, avoid troubling your landlord for minor maintenance issues that can be dealt with by you.    Seek Permission If you have pets, then make sure that you have informed your landlord before signing the lease. This is necessary because the landlord may not like pets. Hence, make sure that you have got an approval from the landlord to keep a pet in the house. It is also important to inform your landlord about your plans for adopting a pet in the future.    You will find some of the agencies that offer property rental services in Roorkee, which make your search easy and also get good deals.